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There are a number of changes to workplace laws effective from 1 July 2019 that will affect small businesses across Australia. We’ve outlined some of the key changes which may affect your business.

If you or someone you know could be impacted by these changes, contact our partner advice line on 1300 798 990.

Find a comprehensive breakdown of each of the changes here.

In summary, the changes include:

    • Minimum wage increase – Date of change: 1 July
    • Cash in hand payments will not be tax deductible – Date of change: 1 July
    • Changes to Single Touch Payroll – Date of change: 1 July
    • Pharmacy Award rate increases – Dates of change: 1 July & 1 October
    • Changes to Union Right of Entry provisions – Dates of change: 1 July & 1 October
    • Long Service Leave Portability (Victoria only) – Date of change: 1 July
    • Real Estate Industry Award 2010 (changes to commission-only arrangements) – Date of change: 30 June
    • Health Professional and Support Services (changes to span of ordinary hours) – Date of change: 9 July
    • Business Equipment Award 2010 – Date of change: 1 July


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